A World Beyond.

Microscopy, like no other technology, is constantly expanding our knowledge about what holds the world together at its core, about what the building blocks of life look like. In life sciences, materials research, geology, archeology, mineralogy... again and again, microscopes in the hands of brilliant researches provide the newest findings and so make innovations possible.

PI, as an "enabling partner", supports users and researches worldwide with ever more precise, faster, and reliable motion and positioning systems for samples and objectives. The spectrum ranges from standard microscopes through the most modern superresolution microscopes to atomic force, X-ray, and particle beam microscopes. In fact, many of these technologies were only realized thanks to powerful nanopositioning systems from PI.

It is our goal to push microscopy as a knowledge and innovation engine.

Configure your Microscope Stage
The precise and fast movement of the sample or the objective play a crucial role for achieving good results when working with light microscopes. The demands on stages and scanners are manifold.
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Open Source Microscopy
Microscopy is one of the technologies that is constantly reinventing itself. The first microscopes from the early 17th century were very simple in design, but countless developments have steadily increased their performance.
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Electron Microscopy
Applications for electron microscopy cover a broad spectrum from semiconductor inspection through materials research to molecular biology research.
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Atomic Force Microscopy
Atomic force microscopy supplies researchers and developers extremely high resolution topographical data from a large number of different minerals, polymers, mixtures, composite materials or biological tissue.
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