Driving Progress in Medical Technology.

Progress in medical research, diagnostics, and therapy requires high-performance, precise motion and positioning systems. High positioning precision, compact dimensions, low energy consumption, speed, and absolute reliability are just some of the requirements for the drives in use. However, the applications are so varied as are the technologies and solutions with which PI supports its customers on all levels of value creation: From operation robots through miniature drives for endoscopy cameras to aperture adjustment in radiotherapy or even the precise, targeted positioning of patients on operating tables that can be adjusted in six degrees of freedom.

In all of this, our products are part of higher integrated end or intermediate products - and often, our motion and positioning solutions are also used in manufacturing technology. Customers, who rely on the knowledge of our developers and application experts right from the product development stage, are on “The fast lane to a precision advantage“ right from the start.

Modern medical technology focuses on developing therapies that cause as little discomfort to patients as possible. Endoscopes that allow minimally invasive surgery, make an important contribution to this.
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Patient Couch for Radiotherapy
In radiotherapy, it is particularly important to ensure that healthy tissues are protected. This is why, it is absolutely necessary to position the patient precisely during radiotherapy. Patient couches that employ hexapods from PI are very well suited for this task.
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