Examining Samples Quickly and Safely

In in vitro analysis, the safety and speed of the sample examination are extremely important. Be it a PCR or genome analysis: Positioning solutions play a crucial role in these tasks. Dynamics, precision, and large travel ranges (particularly when positioning objectives in Z) are part of the key requirements in system development. As is the highly reliable functionality in order to make the utilization in a 24/7 mode possible.

With decades of experience in the development of motion and positioning solution for these markets, PI has gained extensive expertise. Already in the early stages of development, attention is paid to the highest reliability of the components and parts. At the same time, sophisticated service plans and replacement parts ensure that highly stressed components are maintained or exchanged on time.

PI offers compact fast drives not only for the movement of optics and samples, but also for process steps in the analysis devices, such as pipetting, in order to position pipettes or dose media.

Genome Sequencing
Genome Sequencing
The holistic analysis of genomes is becoming increasingly important – just as the corona pandemic as brought to our attention so drastically. A leading technique is the "sequencing-by-synthesis" method. Since its development, speed and precision have increased by several orders of magnitude while costs have decreased to the same extent. The positioning techniques employed in the analysis systems used for this purpose have also contributed significantly to the progress.
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