Red, Green, or White?

Biotechnology is one of the oldest applied sciences of humanity: Using yeast to bake bread or to ferment fruit to alcohol is, for example, biotechnology that is being practiced and developed for thousands of years. Today, this discipline has countless applications in medicine (red), agriculture (green), and the industry (white).

Motion and positioning systems from PI, for example, are used in genetic analysis, which is a field in biotechnology. For in vitro diagnostics, such as PCR analyzer, Elisa analyzer, biochip reader, or flow cytometer, we offer a great range of piezo elements such as plates, discs, rings, or tubes that can perform different functions in the devices used.

What do your tasks look like?

Genome Sequencing
Genome Sequencing
Blue, brown, or green eyes? Which hair color? Which illnesses may affect us? Whose child am I? All of this information and much more is stored, or at least set, in our genes.
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